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Long Arm Quilting Services

Services Provided, using the Gammill longarm quilting machine:
  • Edge to Edge pantograph machine quilting
  • Binding
Quilt Preparation:
For us to produce the finest quality we do need to ask you to make sure that you take the following steps to prepare your quilt before you give it to us.

Please make sure your quilt is squared up and trimmed down to its final size. Make sure the seam are all firm and secure and be sure that you have stay stitched all around your quilt to prevent any stretching or seam unraveling. The quilt must lay flat if it does not there nay be some puckering in the final product.

The quilt must be clean and free of odor. The top and backing should be pressed and please do indicate with a safety pin which side is the top of your quilt. The batting may be purchased from More Sew For You, or you can bring in a batting for us to use. We reserve the right refuse the batting if it has been seamed or if we feel the quality of the batting may diminish the final product. The backing must be 6-8 inches larger than your quilt top.
To schedule your quilt top

Please call us or stop in the store to schedule a time on the calendar for your quilt.  Please bring in your top and backing about 3 days before your calendar date so that we can make every effort to get the quilt on the machine on the date you have reserved. When you bring the quilt top in, we will measure it and then with your help select the thread and pattern that you would like us to use.  We have a tiered pricing system based on the denseness of the pattern. These are well marked on the models that you will look through as you pick your selection.


Edge to edge Pantograph .012/.018/.025 psi (per sq.inch)based on pattern selected
Minimum Long-arm Fee $45.00
Expedite Fee $60.00
Batting $10.99/12.99/13.99 per yard based on size
 Thread Fee $2.00 a bobbin
Binding (front and back) $.25 (per linear inch)


The long arm machine is moving piece of equipment. The fabric stays in one place and the machine moves across it. On some occasions we may experience a malfunction which can result in damage to your quilt top. We take every precaution with your quilts and will look closely for anything that might cause either a mechanical issue or any other issue.

If your quilt is full and does not lay flat, puckering does occur. We will alert you if we think this will be an issue to determine if you want us to proceed. Sometimes, however it will occur when the quilt is on the machine and we will be committed at that point to quilt it as it is.